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The Butlers Guide

How To Set The Formal & InformalTable 

Formal Lunch Setting 

Know Your Flatware Pieces

What makes up the 5 piece setting or a 4 piece setting?

A 5 piece setting is comprised of a salad fork, dinner fork, dinner knife, place soup spoon and a teaspoon.

 A 4 piece setting would be all the above minus the soup spoon.

Serving Pieces

What are the standard serving pieces?

  • Table Serving Spoon

  • Pierced Serving Spoon

  • Cold Meat Serving Fork

  • Sugar Spoon

  • Master Butter Knife

  • Pie Server

There are also dozens of more serving pieces available.

Seafood Flatware


Holding a wine glass like a connoisseur

Hold all stemmed wine glasses (red, white, etc) towards the base of the stem between your thumb, forefinger and middle finger. You’ll find that your other fingers will just rest on the base naturally. 

Why Do You Hold a Wine Glass at the Stem?

As much as this seems like a really silly thing to do, there are a couple of reasons why holding a glass by the stem has become the standard:

  • Social Appearance: No greasy hand prints on the bowl

  • Temperature: Wine stays cooler longer.

Crystal steamware

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